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Solder Joint



Solder Joint | 5 July, 2000

Has anyone had any experience in soldering Surface mount coils. These design of these coils is about 20 years old ( Phillips ), these coils are fitted on a power supply board, and because of the high amount of current flowing through the coil the solder joint requirement is critical. The only way possible I could describe this joint is that it is more of a bulb shape. At the moment we are achieving this by putting the coils on at post-flow and hand soldering.But I am trying to achieve this type of joint at surface mount, is it possible do design aperures to achiecve this type of joint?

I do understand that it's pretty difficult to describe the type of joint required, if anyone would further like further information, (ie pictures and photographs )if you forward your e-mail address I will gladly mail them.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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