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Solder impurity analysis



Solder impurity analysis | 13 January, 2004

We're changing solder bar and wire suppliers and are running impurity tests. Is there an IPC standard that lists acceptable limits for ultra pure, pure, solders for metallic and non-metallic impurities? What is the preferred method to test? We've used ICP-OES with 2 differents test labs and got strikingly different results with 4 of the impurities.

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Solder impurity analysis | 13 January, 2004

ISO9453 and J006 define impurity limits for the materials supplier.

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Solder impurity analysis | 16 January, 2004


This drives solder suppliers nuts, because it's not analytic:

Dross inclusion testing can be conducted on the base solder in the solder pot and the virgin solder. Conduct this test by heating a sample of solder, contained in a clear beaker, to melting point and then stirring in a flux to cause separation of any included dross. Dross is evidenced by a gray black film on the sides of the beaker and indicates failure.

It's true that the test is not analytical, but if there's inclusions in your solder, it WILL be obvious. And THAT'S what drives solder suppliers nuts ... Seeing a beaker of butt ugly solder with their name on it that is sitting on the shelf for everyone to observe.

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