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121-BGA | 15 January, 2004


Does anyone have any design rules for a 121 pin BGA . The pitch is 0.031 thou, the ball diameter is 0.0115 thou . I would like to know the following :

Pad and via sizes/type on the bareboard ? Stencil thickness and aperture size/sytle ? Solder paste particle size ?

Any feedback would be appreciated


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121-BGA | 16 January, 2004

Component manufacturer often have recommendation for pad layout and process setup. This should be used as a guideline to help You to set up the process. Exactly what type of component is this, uBGA?

We populate 64 I/O uBGA's on our pcb's with 0.3 mm pad diameter, 0.127 mm stencil thickness, square apertures in the stencil and same aperture diameter. Solder paste: Indium NC-SMQ 92J.

There are a lot of different component packages on the same pcb; from 0402, ssop, tssop, soic, Pin In Paste connectors up to QFP 304 pin and big 50 mm x 30 mm 5.08 mm pitch DC/DC converter. Of course with different apertures...

This works perfectly without any problem for us!!


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