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Glue dot question:



Glue dot question: | 29 June, 2000

I�m looking for an in-line glue dot machine to be used after paste screen and prior to PnP. Anyone have any recommendations? (I searched the threads for �glue dot� no info there)

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Re: Glue dot question: | 29 June, 2000

Mark, The machine you decide to go with will probably depend on what you have already. If you use an offline optimizer, you will want a machine that will work with the software(Fuji, Universal, whatever you use!). If you plan on programming online, will you have access to CAD data? If not you will need a machine that you can teach(Camalot). Everybody has their own opinions about who's the best, the question is who's the best for you. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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Re: Glue dot question: | 29 June, 2000

You might try your search with the words Adhesive Dispenser. We recently evaluated machines from Asymtek, a Nordon company, Camalot, and Zmation, and GPD. There are several others. One consideration in the scenario you described is to make sure that the height sensor is a non-contact type and that the dispensing needle does not use a standoff foot. Otherwise you run the risk of stamping the solder paste with the standoff foot. Our evaluation was for a very low volume, high mix environment, your equipment selection will, of course, depend on your production needs.

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David Chapman


Re: Glue dot question: | 6 July, 2000

Have you thought about stencils for glue? We stencil all glue boards quite succesfully. No CAD no clogged nozzles, much faster speed aperture designs are fun to work with. Just a thought for an alternative. All the companies mentioned also will advise on settings for adhesive printing on screenprinters.

Dave C.

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