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PCA DFM Standard



PCA DFM Standard | 8 February, 2004

I'm being driven to create a DFM guidelines document to keep our engineering team and customers from running amok. I've conceptualized an outline and basically know what needs to be covered but would like to plagerize all I can (more for photos/diagrams than text). Web searches have turned up a few gems but I'd like to solicit help from you fine folks. Does anyone know of where I can find a meaty sample manual?

Thanks in advance.

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PCA DFM Standard | 9 February, 2004

Paragraph 7.3 of ISO 9000/2000 seems to say that you must have such a process. Developing this process from scratch will be very painful. Consider employing a seasoned veteran. Look here for Earl Moon�s DFM book:

Moonbeam is an x-SMTneter with an excellent range of experience. His articles in the SMTnet Newsletter give a taste of this DFM and board fabrication background.

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PCA DFM Standard | 9 February, 2004

I suggest you have a look at

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