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Component stencils



Component stencils | 11 February, 2004

Does anybody know if there is such a thing as individual component paste stencils, and who would sell such an item? The reason I am asking is because we have instances when we build prototypes that we don't need a full stencil. We may only need to place one or two components. It would be nice to have a dozen or so standard shape stencils for IC's and other components that aren't real easy to solder by hand. That way a person could hand stencil the paste, hand place the part, and run it through the oven.


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Doug Black


Component stencils | 12 February, 2004

Steve, I would suggest you goto our website and contact your local stencils office who will be able to help with your requirements.

Regards Doug

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Component stencils | 12 February, 2004

"Google" rework stencil

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Component stencils | 16 February, 2004

Have you thought about ssd? Boards already have the paste on them when they come in.

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