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Meridian/Mirae MPS-1025


Meridian/Mirae MPS-1025 | 5 March, 2004

Does any one out there have any experience with this machine? If you do, what are some pro's and con's associated with it? There are not to many of these installed in the U.S. so hopefully someone across the pond can give me some feedback.

BTW...We currently have a Tyco(Quad)Meridian 1030 and are considering updating another line with the "new" MPS-1025. We are a high mix/low to mid volume EMS provider that needs a delicate balance between flexibility, speed, and reliabilty.

Thanks, Thomas

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Ian White


Meridian/Mirae MPS-1025 | 5 March, 2004


I work for tyco in Uk and have worked with Both 1030 and 1025 machines. The 1025 is the latest version of Mirae machines and the main diffeerence is that the machine is supplied with Linear Motors providing faster X,Y movement and more repeatable placement and the other main change is the supply of Mirae Electronic intelligent tape feeders which allow you to automatically check the feeder identity when the feeder is loaded to the machine. Our experience is that the 1025 and 1025P are very reliable platforms placing up to 60% faster than the 1030 but using exactly the same software making re-training unecessary. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can if required supply you with european contacts who are using these machines in medium high volume high mix production.

Best Regards


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