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Contact Systems CS-400 E problems


Contact Systems CS-400 E problems | 10 March, 2004

I am having issues with a CS-400E that I thought I might ask if anyone has any suggestions. The machine may run fine for a while then out of the blue the cutters stop responding or start responding erratically, you have to hit the esc key after every command and only one cutter is working. When you run the Cutter Test in Test Mode and run Cutter Port it Fails to connect with the Cut/Clinch Processor Board. Has anyone else had any symptoms like this before.

Thanks, Paul

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Contact Systems CS-400 E problems | 10 March, 2004

Paul, I have seen harness issues in the past that have given some unusual results. The problem we found was that depending on the rotation and position of the cut/clinch unit the opens/shorts were not consistent. The first place i would look is at the sensor harness.Hope this helps.


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Contact Systems CS-400 E problems | 10 March, 2004

The 400E has a computer on the bottom of the cabinet with a a Serial/Keyboard Card installed in it. J1 pins 19/20 are the cutters transmit/receive lines on this card, they go through a transition brd and on to the Cutter/Processor brd on the side door, AJ2 pins 9/15. The cutter port test checks the communication between these 2 boards, check the connections at these locations. If the cabling is determined to be good, I would think the problem is with the Cutter/Processor Brd and not the cut/clinch unit based on the serial communication problems.

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Contact Systems CS-400 E problems | 18 March, 2004

Normally when I run into having to hit the ESC key to step through this is the steps I take.

1. Power machine down and restart. 2. Home machine and watch cutter carefully. Both cutter should acuate and the height motors should run CW and CCW. 3. You will find that one of these is not working. 4. After you pin point which motor is not working properly you can then toggle the switches on the bottom left of the machine for troubleshooting. 5. The number one culprit is leads falling down behind the card on the motor shorting it or leads falling in between the vane switches. Check this thoroughly. 6. If this is not the problem you can find which Krydon Relay operates the axis and short across those two terminals. The axis in question should run continous. If not, check for a blown fuse. 7. Also motor brushes after worn down will give intermittent problems. 8. The worst case scenerio is if your machine has the light grey main cable in it that rotates with the clinch. This cable was replaced by Contact Systems with a black heavier duty cable. Wires will break inside this grey cable and cause you nightmares. Any questions feel free to email.

Thanks Rich

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Contact Systems CS-400 E problems | 25 March, 2004

Thanks for the informative posting.. When I power up the machine this is what I get..

1. The movable cutter does not actuate the cutter knifes. (The head still jogs 360 and the movable cutter moves in the linear axis but the c&c motor does not actuate.) 2. I tried to jump the relay at the CRYDOM relay board, relay #2. No luck. I replaced it with relay #0 which is the fixed cutter (which works) and no luck. It still didnt work. 3. Verified the fuse was ok, all fuses are good. 4. The cabling under the c&c head is all good, it is the black cable. (machine is a 1998) 5. The Whole head is free of cut renegade leads. 6. I still havnt checked if the motor brushes were bad or not, but the problems are not intermittent any more, its consistant.

Have you heard of many problems with the C&C processor board? Are there any other suggestions you may have before I try and replace the processor board?

Thanks Paul

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Contact Systems CS-400 E problems | 4 April, 2004

Thanks for everything, it ended up being worn out brushs in the cut and clich motors. A little clean up and some elbow grease and its all ok.

Thanks again,


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