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BGA Rework Kit



BGA Rework Kit | 10 March, 2004

Has anybody here could provide me good infos regarding BGA rework Kits other than the Flextac Stencil. Also on what sort of fixtures and toolings they provide to help me align the rework stencil onto the BGA pads.

Thanks in advance...

Hi to Dave F....

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BGA Rework Kit | 10 March, 2004

Hi Dreamy


We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company linked above.

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BGA Rework Kit | 12 March, 2004

Thanks's such a good site for reworking BGA's (reballing). But what about when it comes to re-attaching the BGA onto the PCB? We are using Flextac Stencils but I found out that the apertures of their stencil is bigger than our pads for the same BGA pattern. I wonder if I could get some alternative supplier that could supply us a stainless steel rework stencil as well as some kit or jigs to align the stencil onto the BGA pads.

Thanks again in advance Dave. By the way...I'm no longer in Australia...I'm now in Canada and with an Aerospace Company.

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BGA Rework Kit | 12 March, 2004

MiniMicro stencil has stencils and a holder/aligner. I use their stencils but have not used their tooling. I use the eyeball align - tape and secure method.

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BGA Rework Kit | 18 March, 2004

When it comes to re-attaching the BGA onto the PCB, we don't those very nice mini-stencils. They are very nice though. On sources for your rework stencils, try your stencil fabricator will be happy to make those very nice things for you.

What's wrong with Circuit Technology Center Flextac stencils? [I mean after you order the correct size and all that.] These stencils self fixture. What could be better?

Dreamy: What the hay are you doing in Canada? What happen to Oz?

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Marco S


BGA Rework Kit | 25 March, 2004

Try out the component print stations apply solder to the BGA instead of the board, works perfect! Let me know if you need more info! Marco

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Repair Process Tech


BGA Rework Kit | 30 March, 2004

When we need to apply paste during BGA rework we normally order a stencil from our stencil vendor. In most cases all we need to do is tell them the assembly and location plus quantity and they do the rest for us. Usually we'll have several types of arrays made on the same stencil and then just take a sissors and cut them to size. We have used the Mini Micro Stencil products along with the fixture to hold align them and I have developed a program on the Air-Vac DRS24 to place the stencil. Both of these worked well. The Flextac stencil I found difficcult to work with and are for the most part disposable, I prefer the durability of metal. One more source for these small individual stencils is your down rev'd assemblies, cut the SMT stencils up and use them if you can. But our overall preference is good old fashioned metal stencil which we place by eye (with the help of a scope) and tape into place.

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