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Wave Solder Land Patterns

Allan Ringgaard


Wave Solder Land Patterns | 26 June, 2000

Where can i find some information about wave solder land patterns...? I�m especially looking for how to prevent solderbridges (with solder thief) on diffrent componet types (only leadede, no SMD). So if anyone know where to find any reading on the subject, the more comprehensive the better, please let me know.

Best regards

Allan Ringgaard simrad Shipmate Production Technician

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Re: Wave Solder Land Patterns | 28 June, 2000

Hi Allan,

I can�t help with literature on that topic but we have great success with solder thiefs to prevent bridging with 2mm pitch THT-connector. We added just blind pads of the same size at the end of each row similar to what you can do with SMD SO-IC.


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