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Tapping | 25 June, 2000

I had problembs with taping the signal to on the buzzer with machine tower light.However I try to connect parrallel to the light but the control board which connected to the light malfunction after 1/2 hour.The tower light is trigger by the ground signal.(Short to ground when to on the light).Pls advice any circuit which can taped the signal without any damaged to contol boards.

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Re: Tapping | 25 June, 2000

You can use a Power Mosfet to drive the light (I am taking for granted it is a DC Voltage the one that turns the light on), the only current a Mosfet demand is only to charge its input capacitance this way you will not damage your board. Configuration is so simple, signal goes at Mosfet Gate, set the load(light) between V+ and Mosfet Source and connect Mosfet Drain to Ground. Check Motorola's data for Mosfet spec.

Hope this helps.

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