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AMP SMT Connector


AMP SMT Connector | 30 March, 2004

Hi, Has anyone here get some experience with SMT connector soldering? We were having really hard time to solder this AMP 50/50 Grid connector. Every connector installed has a few pins just sit on the solder. We use AIM 293DX2B NC solder paste, 60 sec in soak zone, 60 sec in reflow zone, and 210 as the peak temperature. We also have other types SMT connector, they never have any soldering problem. Appreciate your help.

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AMP SMT Connector | 12 April, 2004

Questions are: * Is this 210*C peak temperature measured on the leads of the connector that do not solder well? If not, what is that temperature? * Do you have similar issues with other components on this board? * Do these floating connector leads take solder when you do touch?

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AMP SMT Connector | 13 April, 2004

Hi Steve,

Could it possibly be a coplanarity problem? I have assembled hundreds of SMT connectors at a Flex house and we found quite a few coplanarity issues. In many occurances, the connector showed symtoms that you are describing.

Good Luck


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Steve L


AMP SMT Connector | 13 April, 2004

The temp. was measured at the leads. We also did dipping test on those connectors, it turned out the solderablity of the pins was awful. We're now checking it with the supplier. Thank you all for the input.

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