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Cygnal's MLP-11 Package



Cygnal's MLP-11 Package | 31 March, 2004

Anyone used this package? It's Cygnal PN C8051F300. The part has bottom side, flat terminations (like a BGA without the balls). There is metalization on the sides of the package but it's not plated (bare copper). Metalization on the bottom is plated. This leads me to believe that a toe fillet was not intended for this part. The land design calls for only a 0.1mm overhang past a centered part to boot.

Any input on how you've processed/inspected this thing appreciated.


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Cygnal's MLP-11 Package | 31 March, 2004

We have not used this specific package.

We agree on your toe fillet idea. Toe fillets add no strength to solder connections.

This part is a MicroLeadFrame�, which is similar to QFN, BCC, LGA, and whatnot. Consider: * Searching the fine SMTnet Archives. For instance:

* Going to p.26 & 27 [we'd have a stencil that was 1:1 with the solder mask] on

* Contacting Danny Allred, Product Marketing Manager for Cygnal. [Cygnal Integrated Products; 4301 Westbank Dr, Building B, Suite 100; Austin, TX 78746; 512 327 7088 Fax: 512 327 7087]

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