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Selective Soldering Process



Selective Soldering Process | 7 April, 2004

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me in providing their experience in process related problems with regards to the above equipment? I noticed that it's slightly different with the wave soldering.

Wave Process: Apply Flux, Pre-heat then Solder

Selective Soldering: Pre-heat, Apply Flux then Solder

At what PCB temp would be my maximum so as not to dry the flux after spraying prior to Jetwave Soldering?

How will I fix an insufficient topside solder flow on my connectors.

Thanks in advance Dreamy

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Selective Soldering Process | 8 April, 2004

While waiting for others to respond, check Daan Terstegge's GREAT jump site:

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Selective Soldering Process | 19 April, 2004


What type of flux are you running? This will have a big impact on the profile you choose. What parts are you soldering and how many layers is the board?


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