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MSD Bake Ovens



MSD Bake Ovens | 8 April, 2004

Hello all, I am in need of a few leads for oven manufacturers and storage cabinets in order to bake and store MSDs. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Haritt G.

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MSD Bake Ovens | 12 April, 2004

While you're waiting for others to respond, search the fine SMTnet Archives for previous discussions For instance, for contacts of suppliers of baking ovens look here:

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MSD Bake Ovens | 12 April, 2004

Top two suppliers:

(Tenney and Blue M are now owned by the same company)

Pre-owned and refurbished supplier:

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MSD Bake Ovens | 12 April, 2004

east coast pre-owned supplier:

LR Environmental is a west coast pre-owned supplier

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MSD Bake Ovens | 15 April, 2004

Hi Haritt;

In response to your request to information regarding cabinet manufacturers I would invite you to look at which could give you some interesting if not valuable information regarding the functionality of desiccant dry cabinets for use in the electronics manufacturing environment.

I represent a company that markets and distributes dry cabinets for use in all industries including the manufacture of PCB�s to the North American marketplace; information regarding our company can be found at We of course would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application and your concerns.

Also worth noting is a council that the SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) has established, this is the MSD council. This is a group that discusses and considers all issues related to Moisture Sensitive Devices. You can access more information by contacting our firm at 866-306-5480, or by visiting the SMTA website at and searching for information relating to MSD council.

Hope this has helped, we look forward to hearing from you.

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