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RTV Cure Questions

Rich Z


RTV Cure Questions | 22 June, 2000


Can anyone point me in the right direction for (sources of info) various ways to quickly cure RTV or atleast speed up the process. Our requirements are to use Dow Corning 3145 hi-temp RTV. I have tried contacting the manufacturer but am losing precious hours/days in response time. Please HELP!

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Re: RTV Cure Questions | 22 June, 2000

Most RTV's depend on atmospheric moisture to cure. You can put them in an oven with a pan of water and that will speed up the cure. I'd suggest about 150 to 180 degree F, time period to depend on the thickness of the RTV. You'll have to do some tests to see what effect this may have on the adhesive properties.

When I used to do this, we were using the RTV on larger thru hole parts on assemblies going into fighter jets, to dampen the vibrations (mid 80's).

Good luck, Mike F

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Brian W.


Re: RTV Cure Questions | 23 June, 2000

We used to cure RTV3145 in an oven at 180 F for 2-4 hours

Hope this helps, Brian

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