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Stencil cleaning



Stencil cleaning | 13 April, 2004


What implications are there when cleaning a stencil of conductive adhesives rather than solder paste? I'm looking to change over to this medium but i'm stuggling to find any journals or data based around the implications of this transision,

Cheers guys.

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Stencil cleaning | 13 April, 2004

Glue has different mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties than solder. That's why all these very nice no-lead people are furiously trying to gin-up some wacky solder alloy, rather than using glue.

Among the papers in the SMTA Knowledge base that could interest you are: * Cure Processing Effect On Conductive Epoxy Adhesives As Solder Alternatives: Ceramic Applications; S. Smith, C-M Cheng, W. O�Hara, and V. Buffa; Emerson & Cuming; 09/21/2003 * Surface Mount Conductive Adhesive: An Alternative To Lead-Based Solder; Rita Mohanty, PhD; Ark-Les Electronics; 06/11/2002 * Investigation Of Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Interconnect Assembly Process Onto An Organic Substrate; David Geiger; Flextronics International USA; 09/30/2001

Why can't your glue salesperson provide you with papers and cleaning instructions?

Most of the chemical soups used to clean paste from stencils can be used to clean chip binders, also. Probably these chemistry suppliers can be respond to their capabilities when cleaning the glue you plan to use.

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