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SMT Training | 20 April, 2004

We the biggest technical institution in Asia now proposed a SMT theory and SMT Laboratory in our college to the final year Electronics and Communication Engineering students. The Industrial Giants in SMT in Assembly, Process, Testing, Repairing, Soldering, Stencil and Screen painting with In Circuit Testing are to come forward since these methods should be taught to the young students to expose SMT . It is an excellent field of engineering curriculum and they may have to come and contribute to the needed like us. Without traing the trainers, the students can not be trained. Are there any companies who came forward to support to the eldest institution instructors ? No standard text or refrences are available. How the semiconductor companies and PCB makers make next generation technicians to expertize? If Everything is going to be automated , then no evolution of this great technology. I , on behalf of the students and staffs of our electronics engineering department welcome an academic support from any related SMT company in a non profit government institution with the needed infra structural facilities. How many companies will rise their slogan for this noble cause? Needed are the suggestions to procure the essential and minimal requirement for a SMT Lab in a college , the Dealers lists and an approximate estimate for the installation of the lab to a global standard.

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SMT Training | 21 April, 2004


How Can We help? What specific Info do you need?



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