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Reflow soldering of Solar panels



Reflow soldering of Solar panels | 21 April, 2004

We wish to use rectangular 4 segment solar panels in our quartz watches & charge the battery. The size of the soalr panel is 18.20mm X 7 mm and the thickness is 1.15mm. The other popular application of this type solar panels is in calculators.

These solar panels have two small square solderable pads on the positive and negative terminals.

The manufacturer has sent a data sheet for soldering with hand held soldering iron.

We want to employ REFLOW SOLDERING PROCESS for our regular production.I did some experiments. Used pick & place equipment & reflow soldered 15 Circuit boards. Tested them & all the panels are absoultely OK with electrical parametrs.

Is this OK? Will any damage happen to the solar panels due to reflow? Is there anyone who had already tried out this? Can we take it granted that all components that are manual solderable are also reflow solderable?


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Reflow soldering of Solar panels | 21 April, 2004

Only the manufacturer of this part can tell you if subjecting the entire assembly through reflow temps is okay.

It is not a good assumption that "if a part can be hand soldered it can withstand reflow" there are many connectors/headers/buzzers/etc.. out there for example that are handsoldered but they will melt in reflow processes. When you hand solder a part you are only applying heat to the immediate lead/pad area, you are not necessarily heating the whole component to reflow temp. Hand solder does subject this area to a higher temp than reflow but it is isolated. You need to see if the "internals" of this LED can withstand temps of 220 or whatever you are seeing.


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