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Vibro fider problem



Vibro fider problem | 26 April, 2004

Hello all! I have a problem with a vibro - fider. My IC's tavel with constant speed in , but before the end they become slower. The driving force comes by transformer in the middle area in the fider.The components move fast in that area and in the end they almost stop-actually they move very slow. Do you know something about that problem? Do you have any idea where I can read about it. Some sources about vibration. how can I make vibration in some direction? Or some principle about vibro-fider work you know? Any information would be appretiated.

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Vibro fider problem | 26 April, 2004

Hi, why don't you call tech support of the manufacturer of your vibratory feeders.They will be able to help you.This is mostly a trial and error kind of adjustment and there are various "tricks" that I've noticed in various assembling plants (i.e. keeping the tube full at all times, trying to control the inclination of the tube at optimal angle,etc).Every component you use will also have different settings. As you probably know as well, it is faster to set up and assemble using tape and reel componenets instead of tubed ones. Rob

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Vibro fider problem | 27 April, 2004

Some manufacturers have gone away from vibe and moved to belt drive feeders for their sticks. You might want to check with your manufacturer and see if they are available for your machine.

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Vibro fider problem | 28 April, 2004

Frank, I didn;t know there is another type of feeders for sticks. Where I can read more about that technology? It would be very interesting for me. Thanks for hte post.

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Vibro fider problem | 29 April, 2004

Contact your manufacturer of the machine and see if the belt feeders are available.

Comtra Systems is the maker of the belt feeders and I do not know if they sell direct to the end-user. I don't have any contact information for them.

I know they make feeders for Juki and Phillips (Assembleon), but I don't know if they make feeders for other manufacturers.

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