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Laser Soldering?


Laser Soldering? | 29 April, 2004

Dear Sir's,

we had become an inquiry from an customer of allSMT, who is in need of an Machine which can solder via Laser? does anybody has experience with this procedure?

I will try to explain the project.

The pcb is an Aluminium pcb. There must be placed an High Resolution /high power LED. Which must cooled also from the Aluminium PCB.

The problem is now the Soldering! We heard of an Machine which can Solder via Laserheat!

Thx for your help.

allSMT The Equipment Agency You need, We search

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Laser Soldering? | 29 April, 2004

Suppliers of laser soldering equipment will probably give you their customer list [just recognize that the engineers that bought the equipment could present interesting points of reference]. Try: * Contax Ltd Little Park Farm Road Segensworth West Fareham, Hants, PO15 5SJ UK +44 1489 885808 Fax: +44 1489 885553

* Leister Process Technologies Riedstrasse Sarnen LCRN, 6060 Switzerland 011-41-416627467 Fax: 011-41-416627480

* mta automation ag P.O. 232 CH-2555 Br�gg/Biel, Switzerland ++41 32 374 44 00 Fax: ++41 32 373 62 85

* RPS - Robotic Process Systems, Inc 23301 E. Mission Ave. Liberty Lake, WA 99019 USA 509-891-1680 Fax: 509-891-1681

* SEHO Seitz & Hohnerlein GmbH Frankenstra�e 7 Kreuzwertheim, D-97892 Germany +49 - 93 42 / 8 89 - 0 Fax: +49 - 93 42 / 8 89 - 2 00

[As an aside, with the "You need - We research" thing -- are you getting paid to post stuff on the net? If so, how does one get a job like that?]

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Ray Prasad


Laser Soldering? | 3 May, 2004

Please also see the Spark 100 from BeamWorks for through hole and the Spark 400 for SMT. (

Ray Prasad

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Laser Soldering? | 8 May, 2004

Hello! We have machine made exactly for these LED's. If you're interested - mail me :

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Mike Ruiz


Laser Soldering? | 22 May, 2004

Contact Panasonic Factory Automation at 714 373 7030. They manufacture laser diode soldering systems

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Selective Laser Soldering | 3 June, 2004

It sounds like you will need to pre-heat the aluminum beofre using even a laser to solder this type of application.

While lasers are great for many applications, especially those that have challenging keep out areas, thermal mass issues (with appropriate preheat), and those wanting to solder both tin lead and lead free in easily wit the same machine.

To discuss your application please contact George Wood at 262-331-4181 or write him at

It would be our pleasure to work with you.


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Laser Soldering? | 4 June, 2004

Also look at VI Technology they have a number of machines, I've used the LS180 and it's increadibly good, very easy to program and has a host of features that soem of the othesr don't have. the beam works is not bad as well.


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