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Impell | 6 May, 2004

We have bought and are in the process of installing Impells for fume extraction on our wave, wash, and reflow oven in the plant. We have two units bought second hand that will be used on the wave and oven, and are still looking for a model 8240 for the wash as well, if anyone has one lurking around a plant that has been decommisioned.

My question regards the was unit. We run a Trek Triton IV wash, water only. Impell is telling us that we need a mist eliminator for whatever unit we use with the wash. This is an expensive adder, some 9k! Has anyone used an Impell in this manner without a mist eliminator, found a work around etc, that mitigated the cost impact, etc? Here's hoping!

Thank you.

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Impell | 10 May, 2004

Purex makes a system for air filtration of aqueous washers. I believe the only fully self contained system available. It returns all cleaning solution back to the cleaner and exhausts clean dry air back to the room. You can contact Dick Wilson at Purex America 330-786-9030 for more info.

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