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Sigh! - Fuji IP4000 Problem



Sigh! - Fuji IP4000 Problem | 8 May, 2004

This machine was working fine, now it come up with an emergency stop error "STOPPER", will not get past it, I have checked the board stoppers and all seem to be working correctly from the Manual IO. I did have to reload the 'proper' data, any body got any ideas on this (i.e. is there any item in the proper data which could cause this), any help would be apreciated been stuck on this for hours now! Thanks in advance

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Sigh! - Fuji IP4000 Problem | 10 May, 2004

Hello! Check your stopper up/down sensor position. This problem has nothing to do with the proper data. Sometimes the sensor position is not correct or sensor contact could cause this problem even I/O mode was OK. Regards! LMQ

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