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Omniflow 10 question


Omniflow 10 question | 21 May, 2004

How do you get the boards out of an Omniflow 10 oven in the event of a power outage ? I don't see any place for a hand crank, but I do notice that there seems to be a UPS in a cabinet toward the end of the oven. How do I test it ?


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Omniflow 10 question | 26 May, 2004

Cut the main power (ciruit breaker) while the oven is operating (in low temp recipe) to see if the UPS kicks on, otherwise consult the oven manual's UPS electrical diagram. UPS is to power conveyor drive and PC controller. Also, checking the UPS manual and using a DMM to monitor the outputs should do it. I prefer the "real" test though.

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