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SMT coil placement



SMT coil placement | 16 June, 2000

I am looking for information regarding SMT coil placement for coils with between 2 and 6 turns. If anyone has any experience with this, I am interested in finding out about the problems that were encountered, what type of placement equipment was succeful (or not), and overall opinions about coil placement by SMT.

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Kevin Simpson


Re: SMT coil placement | 18 June, 2000

HI, We have placed with both Fuji Qp's and Universal Gsm's. We are running a small coil now on a Gsm with a sucessful rate.The Qp done well also, but the product is not ran on a Qp line, so no true production rate has been determined.I don't feel it would have had any trouble though. The only problems we encountered was the part being damaged, at placement. We solved this by finding the perfect pick/up and nozzle combination. It is fine now. Please feel free to call for precise info regarding Pd's/nozzles etc.

Kevin Simpson NPI Engineering Solectron Ga. 678-376-8375

Kevin S.

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