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4791 Problems



4791 Problems | 28 May, 2004

Wierd thing happened today with the HSP4791. All the programs and component definitions were wiped out (luckily they are all backed up on the terminal). And since the air compressor was shut down today to change the oil in the compressor, the 4791 has been stopping (the X,Y table that is) and the error is that it can not continue until the index angle is adjusted. Now, another thing is, the Pattern Error Correction camera appears to be out of calibration. The camera goes to the centroid of the comp, however it places the part +0.040 in the X (the Y is good). I am thinking that maybe doing a nozzle offset teach and head-center offset teach would correct this, but I wanted to ask someone who knows more about this than myself. What the major issue is that somehow all of the programs and components were deleted. If this is the case then most likely all of the parameters for this machine were deleted too. I know that there are 2 hard drives on this machine, what I don't know is what data is stored where. Also, the input and output conveyors on the machine aren't working all of the sudden. Does anyone have any suggestions.

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Mike Cyr


4791 Problems | 28 May, 2004

Hi Jay,

You might try calling our technical support team to get you started on sorting out these problems. I am attaching the link to our website and support page and the Email and telephone numbers. If they are unable to help you out, they can arrange to dispatch a service engineer. Technical Support 1-800-842-9732 Email

Mike Cyr Global Serices Product Manager Universal Instruments Corporation

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4791 Problems | 31 May, 2004

You are better off getting a field service engineer to fix for you. I had a similar problem, one of my technician try to fix, made it worse. Ended up costing me a fortune. In the end Universal had to come and fix. Good luck.

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4791 Problems | 1 June, 2004

thanks, called UIC tech support on this matter. Thanks for your help.

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