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selective soldering machines


selective soldering machines | 2 June, 2004

My company is looking at the various options for selective soldering machines. We are mostly a low volume, high mix facility, with some moderate volume orders as well. I have looked at the Pillarhouse Topaz XL, Ersa Versaflow, and Vitronics Soltec mySelective. Does anyone have any preferences or different options, and if so, what and why? Thanks!

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selective soldering machines | 3 June, 2004

Hi Doug,

Read your inquiry. My company PRO-MATION has some exciting technologies available for both top side and bottom side selective laser soldering. Our work cells are great for low volume / high mix environments and are capble for both Tin Lead and Lead Free applications. We offer 6 pre-set spot sizes that can vary from .9 mm upp to 5.0 mm in diameter, automatic solder feeder, vision, fiducial recognition and much more.

If you would like more information I would like to suggest that you contact George Wood at or call him at 262-331-4181

Do not mean to sound like an advertisement but we are getting many looks these days because of this technology.

Perhaps we can share more information with you.


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selective soldering machines | 3 June, 2004

The Vitronics is an unbelievable machine. It's a bit pricey (200k) but worth every penny.

Contact for more information.

Good luck.

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