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need new sm line


need new sm line | 8 June, 2004

Our company is looking at a new SM line and we have compiled a short list of candidate vendors. Please offer up your experiences regarding hw/sw capability and field service. We are in the midwest US and are looking for, likely, 2 modular machines with capability to do 0402->BGA and some oddform, high mix....many thanks!

Short list: Ass'on Topaz(s); Pana CM/BM; Univ'GSM AdVantis; MyData MY

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need new sm line | 11 June, 2004

Universal have a broad range of products able to meet these requirements and would also be interested to participate in any comparative excersizes. Please contact your local Universal sales Engineer at

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need new sm line | 19 June, 2004

I feel the TopazXIIs or the Opal XIIs (both from Assembleon) should be the perfect fit with low cost and high productivity/capability/flexibility.

Regards Vinit

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need new sm line | 25 June, 2004

Hi--We deal in used and recond. equipment in the Midwest, and have available a 1999 Amistar #7100FV w/ a nice complement of feeders, (6) pick up heads, rated component placement at 18,000 pph. Does .0402's, .3 BGA w/ 20 mil pitch, Full vision system, very nice shape, priced at $65,000.00 FOB IL. Contact me off line if interested,, or (262) 249-0808.

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