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On contact calibration



On contact calibration | 9 June, 2004

Hi all I have a question to all of you who has experiences with Microflex MPM. There are two items: one is on contact calibration and second squeegee pressure calibration. Do i have to if i set PCB make these calibration?. Does Microflex have mechanical down stop or a squeegee origin point? So he knows when squeegees touch the stencil? What about on contact calibration?.

Problem number two: we are using stencil adapter. I know that Microflex has a wiper. Is it possible to use stencil adaper with the wiper without equipment damage ?



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On contact calibration | 14 June, 2004

1. Don't use a PCB for calibration because the tactile sensor have to free to touch the bottom side of stencil.

2. The wiper is option, the function can be disable in the setup menu.

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Keith Hansford


On contact calibration | 29 June, 2004

You will need to set the contact and squeegee zero calibration every time you set up a new product, we do this because the thickness of the substrate (pcb) can change between product and this will effect these calibration settings. The machine does not have a mechanicle down stop, squeegee presure is applied from the zero calibration position. It is not possible to use the wiper function when using a screen frame adaptor. Feel free to contact info@sigmaprint for any issues relating to the MicroFlex screen printer. FYI, SigmaPrint re engineered this machine in conjuction with Speedline and manufacture it in the UK for sale by Speedlines global sales force.

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