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BOM Generation



BOM Generation | 14 June, 2004

Hi Guys,

I work in Process Engineering and due to some organizational changes I've been assigned to generate BOM's for our manufacturing (we are an OEM). This is something very new to me and I have no experience with this kinda documentation and would be needing your feedback on the how's, do's and don'ts of BOM Generation. What information do I need to include in the BOM aside from part numbers, locations, part description, component package to make things smooth in manufacturing. We do not have any special software to generate BOM's and is using MS Excel, what is a good software to use? Can you guys help me where to start? Who will sign the BOM for approval (as I have to define them), Engineering Mgr. Mfg Manager, QA Manager etc..?

Thanks and regards,

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BOM Generation | 14 June, 2004

Look here:

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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BOM Generation | 17 June, 2004

We can assist your company in procuring the iems on the BOM. We are a large stocking disti based in the USA.

Please contact me so we can be included to give you competitive pricing..Let us do the work for you.

Thanks..Chris J

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