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double sided reflow



double sided reflow | 13 June, 2000

is there a site or any information available for double sided reflow? Our compnay is rather new to this proceess and before we get deep i'd like to know more about it.

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Re: double sided reflow | 13 June, 2000

This site is dedicated to double sided reflow and solder balls. Wasssup?

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Michael Parker


Re: double sided reflow | 14 June, 2000

Sachi- To interpret "WASSUP" into something meaningful, you will find all of your questions for Dave by first reading all that you can in this forums archives. Dave is very knowledgable and will mentor you but I suggest you prepare yourself with good questions.

Best of luck

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Re: double sided reflow | 15 June, 2000

Thank you Michael.

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Bob Willis


Re: double sided reflow | 23 June, 2000

Also I suggest you read through the Charity Report I produced on the specifi process of Double Sided Reflow Assembly which you can also get from the SMTA. All the money from the sale of the report goes to the Charles Hutchins Scholarship Fund which The SMTA run.

Bob Willis Technical Director SMART Group

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