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Small blister, solder mask



Small blister, solder mask | 23 June, 2004

I am four weeks into my new job, there always seems to be some issues here with PCB every week.

Today while I was checking some assemblies with micro-scope, I found a lot of tiny bubbles/blisters on the board. They are just little dots if you look with naked eye, only under microscope you could see the bubbles/blisters. There are lots of them on the top side of the board, not the wave solder side. I do not think it is caused by wave solder or SMT, I think it is solder mask related. But I do not have any PCB fab experience.

IPC-610-C says it is not an defect, figure 9-14, section 9.2.2. I just do not feel comfortable, there are so many of them on the board, should I treat it as a supplier process indicator and complain about the issue to them? What is the worst case scenario if we leave it there, solder mask peeled off in the field? dendrite growth?

Thanks for the inputs

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Small blister, solder mask | 28 June, 2004

If you find it at the end of your process and you find no defects, work on something else.

Now if you are a smooth talker and seek a little adventure in life, you might be able to finesse this thing into a road trip to take a tour of your board fab. Go for it.

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