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AOI System

Tom B


AOI System | 1 July, 2004

Good Day! I am looking to purchase a Cyberoptics KS-Flex 18 AOI system, I have a couple of question that if you could answer, I would most appreciative. 1) Model and length of time used. Do they use AOI for all pwbs or just the more complex assemblies? Inline or batch? 2) Simplicity of programming. What level person does the programming, engineer, technician, or operator? Length of time to program for average pwb. 3) What is the average machine cycle time verses manual visual inspector? 4) Effectivity of the system. What improvements have you realized in first pass test yields? Actuals if data available 5) Have false failures and false positives been an issue? 6) Do you think AOI is a necessary process control. What was your ROI? Were you able to eliminate visual inspectors, if yes, how many? 7) Do you have the optional rework station and is it needed? Do you recommend any other options? 8) Rate the training and support received from Cyber Optics. Would you strongly recommend Cyber Optics? 9) Have you used other manufacturer's AOI equipment in comparison? 10) Do you currently use your AOI system for Thru-hole inspection?

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AOI System | 5 July, 2004

I would look at YesTech.

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AOI System | 6 July, 2004


Why aren't you asking this question?

How many companies are using them and how many are installed in the US?

I had a chance to buy a few of these used not long ago and decided to pass based on the answers to those questions.

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AOI System | 7 July, 2004

Have you tried orbotech, they have a range of machines for different tasks. They do for Through hole, VHDM pin, 0201, solder paste and many more

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AOI System | 14 July, 2004


I've been evaluting a few AOI for my company including Cyberoptic. Of those, Orbotech do provide workstation for verification purpose.Some AOI inspection time might vary with the size of the board.

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