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OnBoard Forum | 12 June, 2000

Would it be more convenient to SMTneters to make the OnBoard Forum, at least the archives, a category of the Electronics Forum? Doing so would likely increase the popularity of this new service and encourage follow-ups to the live session. What do others think?


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Re: OnBoard Forum | 13 June, 2000

I think it would be a good idea.

Best regards


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Re: OnBoard Forum | 13 June, 2000

Dear Mr. Cunli,

I think it would be useful to have the ability to access the archives easily. However, I do have a comment on your home page format. In the past the SMT Forum entries were viewed on the top middle upper section of your home page and very visible upon typing the link. On the current layout you actually have to scroll down to get in to the forum entries. Personally, I liked the older homepage layout of the SMTNET. It gives more visibility to the forum entries quickly and without having to scroll down or do anything. I believe the strength of this website is brought by the people whom participate and share their experiences free of charge with others. Therfore, I believe that high visibility should be given to this section.

On the other hand, once in the forum page the layout is a lot better that what it used to be. The SMTNET has made much progress in the last year. Thanks for all your hard work.


Deon Nungaray GMI USA

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Keith Luke


Re: OnBoard Forum | 13 June, 2000


Thanks for the feedback on OnBoard. We will be introducing the new OnBoard Forum component page next week. There you will be able to quickly access archived OnBoard Forums, and see our schedule of upcoming events.

We are still weighing whether or not to leave the OnBoard Forum strings themselves "open" indefinitely. As we only have invited OnBoard guests for a limited amount of time (typically a few hours) we don't necessarily expect them to be available to track discussion strings for an extended period. Issues raised in an OnBoard Forum can, of course, be commented on under the appropriate heading in the existing Electronics Forum.

OnBoard is an important new component here at SMTnet, and we are trying to establish a niche for it on the site. While it is a natural offshoot of our popular Electronics Forum, we want it to have an identity of its own.

As for space on the page, we are looking at a mid-year redesign that will allow us to present more information to users in the limited space we have available. In the meantime, you can always take advantage of MySMTnet so you see the information you want, in the way that works best for you.

Thank you for your ideas and support!


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Re: OnBoard Forum | 15 June, 2000

Thanks Cunli, Deon and Mulitze for your comments. We aim to make our site as user friendly as possible and welcome any and all suggestions.

By the way, Deon, we do appreciate the compliment on the forum. We have all worked very hard this last year to keep a valuable resource for our users. Keep your suggestions coming!

Best Regards,


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