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MPM AP-20 drivers


MPM AP-20 drivers | 15 July, 2004

Does anyone have a diagram showing which driver cards do what in the back lower drawer of an AP-20? Or at least which one drives the camera?

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MPM AP-20 drivers | 19 July, 2004

Each dirver cards had affixed a definite label on the top side. you can notice them easily when you pull out the back lower drawer. Hope the information can help you.

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MPM AP-20 drivers | 26 July, 2004

The camera is not driven from the motor cards. The camera is attached to what is called a forcer. For the Y axis there are two of them. One is wired backwards from the other. one of the forcers is connected to a flex chanell for the air and electrical. You did not go into any details as to the nature of your problem so I assume the forcers are not moving correctly. It is critical that the forcers align to the platins and do not get any bind as they travel the platins. The flex chanel can cause the right side forcer to twist if it is not aligned. The forcers ride on a cousion of air so they travel with little friction. The air also provides cooling to the forcers. The camera plattin running in the x direction attach to the Y forcers and they must be aligned to very tight tolorance. Any warpage or mis-alignment of the platins will also cause missed pulses. Inside the forcers there are two electro-magnets these are wired seperatly and can be checked on pins 1 and 2 for 9 ohms and on pins 3 and 4 for 9 ohms. As far as the drivers are concerned stock configuration on the AP-20 is looking from the back of the machine left to right as follows. (X,Y,Theta,Squeegee,Z,Board transport,Track width,Vision X,Vision Left Y,Vision Right Y,Wiper.). The Three Forcer motor drivers should have the same colored wires running to the fuses. All three cards for the forcers are idintical and will have the same model numbers on them. These cards can be swapped for troubbleshooting porposes. Warning, Do not swap drivers with diferant voltage or current ratings from the other axis or damage to drivers or motors will result. I hope all of this helps. I also wax our platins with automotive past wax to help cut friction and preserve the platins.

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