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BGA standards



BGA standards | 9 June, 2000

Hi, Does anyone know where I can find some sort of standard for BGA's? We have done quite a bit of BGA rework and some of the results are less than spectacular when viewed with the X-ray machine. For example, on a lot of the boards the ball seems to have completely disappeared, and I have nothing with which to gauge these boards against.

Any help would be appreciated, bw

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Re: BGA standards | 9 June, 2000

I am not aware if there is any standard but INTEL web site has some really good step by step process for reworking BGA's.

Khalid Saeed

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Re: BGA standards | 12 June, 2000

Billy: I agree with Khalid, but you should not despair. We will try try to help you, if you give us information about your problem.

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Re: BGA standards | 19 June, 2000


Oh Yes.. the fine art of rework. There is not a comprehensive textbook or manual that covers every conceivable situation. Just practical guidelines. I suppose the next step is to isolate probelm areas and discuss solutions in more specifics. Could be process, equipment, etc... Dave White PDR/XYtronic

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Keith Ward


Re: BGA standards | 2 April, 2001

Try IPC-7095 at It is a complete reference on Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGAs. Glenbrook Technologies was instrumental in the developemnt of this document

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Philip A. Reyes


BGA standards | 3 April, 2001

Hello Billy!!

IPC 7095 covers all the design rules and guide lines in BGA assembly and inspection, this will help you a lot in your problem...But based on your problem, it seems that all the balls were disappeared, try to check the capability of your x-ray machine or the set-up....coz this type of problem is quite strange...for your info, missing ball or "disappeared" ball is prohibited in BGA assembly, so definitely this is non-acceptable. Hope this could help!!!


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BGA standards | 3 April, 2001

Hi, as what's I understand, there have no any standart of these. In order to prevent these or to improve these, please check the rework temp. profile.

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