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Liquid flux dispensing



Liquid flux dispensing | 28 July, 2004

I am looking for a consistent method of applying no clean liquid flux to solder pads. My main concern is if I use a standard air-over type dispenser mounted to an automated arm that the liquid flux will make a mess and not be consistent. I'm not too familur with the other dispensing methods or pump types, but I would like the solution to be simple and economical. The application needs to be consistent but there is room for variance.


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Liquid flux dispensing | 29 July, 2004

Use a spray fluxer, like those used in wave soldering. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for supplier names.

We understand that spray fluxing is significantly different than dispensing. What do you want/expect to accomplish by dispensing liquid flux?

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Vince W


Liquid flux dispensing | 5 August, 2004

Go on the WEB and do a search of "Spray Fluxing" Several options should show up Good luck with your search

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