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Inkjet marking system



Inkjet marking system | 4 August, 2004

I am looking for an inexpensive way to mark pcb's. Anyone out there got any ideas? I need to print out 2-5 characters on an array of 40-60 boards. currently using silk screens and an old screen printer, but I can see that in no time I will have over 100 screens (at $200 each) in no time.

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Inkjet marking system | 6 August, 2004

Are labels an option?

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Inkjet marking system | 9 August, 2004

Nope, labels are not an option

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Inkjet marking system | 10 August, 2004

The alternatives are ink-jet and laser and you'll spend way over $20,000 for that solution! Screen printing is still the best at ROI when doing multiple panels and lot's of legends. We used a rubber stamp inked with Hysol for smaller quantities and other specialized electronic component marking. Buy the stamps which have movable type.

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