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Solder Paste Printing Guidelines



Solder Paste Printing Guidelines | 13 August, 2004

Any body knows where i can find some guidelines for solder paste printing or most recomended paste parameters?

Thanks in advanced!

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Solder Paste Printing Guidelines | 13 August, 2004

Your paste manufacturer will have the best guidelines for you. Different paste types and manufacturers sometimes/usually require a little bit different setup. I would also contact your printer manufacturer. As far as stencil concerns the larger/better stencil shops have some great info on aspect and area ratios for proper release.

General stuff would be 1 lb pressure per linear in. of squeegee length.

conatct printing seems to work best.

Print speed 1-6 in. per sec. (paste dependant) We usually run about 1-2 in/sec.

Use metal or 90 durometer urethane squeegees.

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Solder Paste Printing Guidelines | 14 August, 2004

Russ makes good points. Your printer supplier can give good advice on machine setup also.

We know we're printing well when: * Paste at least as big in diameter as your thumb is rolling across the stencil * Paste is filling the apertures * Squeegee pressure wipes the top of the stencil clean * Paste releases from the stencil * Paste is on the board in nice bricks * Bottom of the stencil is clean

Look here:

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