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operators on setup



operators on setup | 21 August, 2004

hello i am a stundent from israel, i work in a smt company, and my assignment is to reduce stup in the smt line. i need a flow chart of the assignment operators have to do during a setup for a pcb manufacture. or any other material i can use to reduce the setup/changeover time.

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operators on setup | 21 August, 2004

Hi Dror, I also work in Israel in smt field. We get the info from the offline optimizer and arrange it in the following way: element - machine no - f/r - place (for example 100nf - 3F34) Elements are placed in abc order, so it is easier to find it in the warehouse; also if the element is on some other machine (loaded) it is easier to find it in the list. Hope it would help you.

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operators on setup | 27 August, 2004

Hello, Take a look at some of the automatic tooling options that are available. These can dramatically reduce changeover time. These systems are available through many of the equipment manufactures like DEK, Ekra, Universal, Assembleon and others. try: red-e-set is another.


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operators on setup | 10 September, 2004

Dror, If I understand your question correctly, you would like to know what the operators should be doing in what priority during setup or changeover? Simply stated if you are doing on line setup due to limitations in feeder quantity or manpower availability, I believe that you should prioritize the line setup. In our plant were we run high mix/medium volume, I have done it this way. Assuming two SMT ops: one operator will be dedicated to our chipshooter( setups are usually 100+ feeders) while the second op will concentrate on the rest of the line in this order: IP-Printer-Conveyors-oven, after this is all complete the second op usually has time to assist the first op with the chipshooter. With on line setups and the size of our setups good time management is the best way to reduce setup or changeover times. We have operators who can complete our largest setups by them selves in a third the time that it will take some other two ops, all owing to the ops diligence in using there time wisely and not involving themselves in issues beyond their scope(materials, programming,etc)which should be handed off to their supervisor as soon as they are found.

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