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History of Mass Soldering

Steve Gregory


History of Mass Soldering | 30 August, 2004

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to write a small article for our employee newsletter about the history of mass soldering. I did a search with Google and Wisenut, but found suprisingly few hits. I'm wondering if any of you have any good links that you could share about the subject?

Appreciate any response!

-Steve Gregory-

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History of Mass Soldering | 30 August, 2004

Chapter 1 of Handbook of Machine Soldering: SMT and TH [Woodgate, RW; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 3e; 1996; ISBN 0-471-13904-1] is titled "A Brief Histroy of Machine Soldering". While a tantilizing title from the perspective of your project, it simply is a description of various soldering processes that is laid-out in rough historical sequence.

And it is similar to other narrives from the gods [eg, Manko, Klien-Wassink, Vianco, etc] and demigods [eg, Strauss, Rahn, Judd, etc] of soldering books.

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Tim Lawrence


History of Mass Soldering | 9 September, 2004


I came across this article while writing a paper. I don't know if it's the first, but it is early wave soldering:

W L Oates, "Automatic Soldering Machines for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies", IRE National Convesntion Record, Vol. 6, No. 6, pages 20-25 (1958).

On a related subject, one thing I was unable to find was reference to the first use of rosin as a soldering flux. Folk law has it that the Romans were first (for plumbing, not electronics!). But I found nothing I could cite as a reference. Does anyone know of anything?

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