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FCM I - II Software



FCM I - II Software | 9 September, 2004


We used FujiCAM to prepare FCM programs but now we're thinking to change it to an other software. We have some FCM and some (more) FUJI machines also. We used FujiCAM to controll and proram the lines but we changed it to Fuji FlexA. Microsoft stopped the support of Windows NT4, and unicam's FCM interface for FujiCAM is not working under 2k or XP. We're looking for a good software for FCM programming that can run under 2k or XP... and it has a good line balance function. Please recommend me some good softwares, we tried Exaline in other company sides but maybe there is some better software... Please let me know...

Thnaks. SVI

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FCM I - II Software | 14 September, 2004

Try Tecnomatix, Aegis and maybe Valor. They all (say they) have interfaces to the equipment vendor's optimizers.

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FCM I - II Software | 24 September, 2004


Try Technomatix. That is the one used by Assembleon itself for the FCMs. You can buy the license from them for Assembleon FCMs as well as FUJI machines.

The Assembleon PPS designed around Technomatix, gives a very very accurate cycle time calculation after optimization.

Regards Vinit

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