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BGA Baking & Tape and Reel Issue


BGA Baking & Tape and Reel Issue | 14 September, 2004


At the moment I bake all BGA that are in unsealed trays, to reduce moisture etc. Is this common practice or are there particular manufacturuers that cause more problems.

Also, the tape for BGA tape & reel has a hole in the tape (as is normal practice). Should I see less problems with T&R BGA than Trays. Because the tape is not completly sealed, are the BGAs still taking in moisture or are they not as the hole is somewhat sealed from the overlap, from being reeled, on the reel.

Looking forward to your comments. Mark

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BGA Baking & Tape and Reel Issue | 16 September, 2004

Left to its own devices the plastic used to seal your parts will take-on moisture in the air. When you heat there parts the water in the part expands and can damage the part, if not properly demoisturized.

The instustry standards for controlling such parts are:

For more information: * Search the fine SMTnet Archives * Look to Daan Terstegge's outstanding jump site:

* Other articles:

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