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AXIS Password for KME CM82C-MD

Cesar SS


AXIS Password for KME CM82C-MD | 14 September, 2004

Hello to all of you, may be you can help me, I change the X servocontroller of KME CM82C-MD and when the machine is mounting the component do not mount the component in the correct place, the initial components are correctly mounted but when the machine continue placing the components to the oposit side of the origen the components are shifteed or misaligned more and more in X axis,,some body can help me, or some body know the password that I have to type to go inside of datas od AXIS motors??..I apreciate your help and support...


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AXIS Password for KME CM82C-MD | 16 September, 2004

Cesar, I am not familiar with these machines but I have found that servo controller problems do not usually cause mis-placement. They tend to just stop the machine with *axis system erors. As I understand it, after you have done a return to origin, the machine places OK but with continued running you are getting an X-axis shift which gradually increases with each cycle. If this is the case, and these machines use rotary encoders on the motors, then I would suspect that the encoder on the X-axis motor is damaged, or the motor itself may be damaged. If for instance, there is debris on the encoder wheel from worn brushes, grease etc, then the reader for the encoder will count this as one or more graduations and the machine will start to drift. If this is the case, your local power tool motor specialist may be able to repair the motor for you rather than paying big bickies for a new motor. Depending on the brand of motor he may be able to check the function of the encoder and repair/replace it or point you to someone who can. You may want to buy a new motor and repair the old so you have a spare. Unfortunately I have no way of nailing this down as the cause of you problem but on the three occassions I have experienced this fault - it's been the encoder. If the machine runs linear encoders then I will have to leave that to someone else, I've yet to encounter that sort of problem with one. Good Luck.

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