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Industry time standards



Industry time standards | 17 September, 2004

Are industry time standards based on actual time...or money?

From a start to stop time on a multi-machine SMT line our time is well below standard. (Our company uses industry standard (I'm told) based on .09 sec. per placement.) However each pick and place used has time clocked to it, therefore doubling the time entered in the system. (i.e. a board that actually takes 1 minute to run is being clocked (recored) twice or double due to two machines being used.) Manual labor is the same... If a board takes 20 minutes to stuff and you use 4 people, 5 minutes from each person is recorded to the item. Even though it really took 5 minutes to build.

Ok... so from a dollar standpoint wouldn't all our efforts to optimize, create flow lines, etc. be futile if we're charging time for both machines or for all 4 people?? Are we screwing ourselves or is this really a "must" from an accounting standpoint?

Opinions PLEASE?


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Industry time standards | 22 September, 2004

From your question, it's difficult to determine the purpose of the time you are measuring: * Throughput * Cost

Good luck

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