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X-Ray Inspection Process Ownership



X-Ray Inspection Process Ownership | 20 September, 2004

We are currently in the process of purchasing couples of X-Ray Machines for our BGA's. I would like to know who will be the main process owner of this process, QA or Process Engineering? What are their resposibilities or coverage in this process? Anyone out there wanna share their process ownership and their process set-up with regards to this machine?


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X-Ray Inspection Process Ownership | 21 September, 2004

We are in the same position like you. We are in a tug-of-war with our QA with regards to this process. Their reason is that the machine is used for quality purposes which is to verify BGA solder quality so it must be under Quality. From my experience it is usually the Process Engineering that owns this, they write the Work Instructions and Inspection Criteria then hand them over to production for operation (production technician) and QC verifies the result or the data. QA doesn't own the process but is part of their tools to verify Quality.

For me personally I will be very happy to have this process or machine out of my responsibilities...less work and less blame when there are issues arising from this equipment process.

Work Smart Not hard is the proper approach. I'll just wait for the tug-of-war results!


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Bob R.


X-Ray Inspection Process Ownership | 21 September, 2004

We found a simple solution to this dilema. We told the QC department that we (manufacturing engineering) would be happy to give them control and that we would make no changes to an x-ray algorithm or pass/fail limits without them being on site and giving approval. About the third 3am call they decided it didn't belong to them.

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