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Lead Protrusion


Lead Protrusion | 20 September, 2004

We use axial components together with some SMDs on the same board. Because the components have leads greater than .180 we have to Roto trim them after wave soldering.

We are looking into avoiding the roto trimming of the boards, but we need to find what are other companies doing to prevent the components from leaning when the leads are short, before the wave soldering.


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Lead Protrusion | 22 September, 2004

We use a chunkee trimmer in prep. Cut bend and form all thru hole parts before first assembly.

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Lead Protrusion | 22 September, 2004

We agree with Paul. If you prepare the components differently, so that they snap into place, you do not need to trim after wave.

Most rotary trimmers put a HUGE amount of stress on solder connections, potentially cracking the connections.

Some of the companies that make forming equipement are: Equipment||Lead Forming||Olamef||||619.792.7328 fax 1966 ?? Equipment||Lead Forming||RotoForm||||423.266.0067 fax 0105 Equipment||Lead Forming||Streckfuss||||214.790.1614 fax 986.1148 rep Foundation Technologies Equipment||Lead Forming||TED/Heller||||818.735.5474 fax 4919 Equipment||Lead Forming||EBSOMAT||Greenwood Rd, P.O. Box 1009, Dublin, NH 03444||603-563-8108 Fax 8121

Equipment||Lead Forming||Automated Production Sys||||215.938.1000 fax 8480 Equipment||Lead Forming||Hepco||||408.738.1880 fax 732.4456 Equipment||Lead Forming||General Production Devices||||970.245.0408 fax 245.9674 Equipment||Lead Forming||Manix Manufacturing||410 Pike Rd P.O. Box 1024 Huntingdon, Valley, PA 19006||215-953-9797 Fax 9399 ||Tom LaMare John Daud Equipment||Lead Forming||Loupot: Automated Production Concept||63 Hillside Terrace Wayne N.J.07470||201.831.8300 Fax 201.633.7755||Bill Leonhardt Equipment||Lead Forming||Ebso, Industriestra�e|| 15, D-76767 Hagenbach, ||0049-07273-93580 Fax.: 0049-07273-935828 Equipment||Lead Forming||Electro-Prep||2995 Corvin Dr Santa Clara, CA 95051-0705||408 739-6015 fax 3363

Alternately, some people use boat anchors called Contact CS400 machines to cut and clinch through hole components, prior to wave soldering.

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