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QUAD QSA-30 | 24 September, 2004

Is there anyone using a QUAD QSA-30? I am experiencing problems with the Y axis drifting in the positive direction. This can occur anytime from a few minutes to several hours after the problem has been fixed. Fixed means recreating a program from scratch. Does anyone have spare MVME, QUAD aligners or AXIS XY cards they would like to get rid of? Thanks

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QUAD QSA-30 | 27 September, 2004


My best guess is the "Y" encoder - or the encoder cable. The encoder is a part of the motor assy on the QSA-

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QUAD QSA-30 | 27 September, 2004

John....Are you positive the machine is drifting.....Are the pickups drifting too???? If they are....then you do have a drift prob....if they are still on....sounds like false fiducial finds.

Good luck.

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