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Thermal cycling equipments



Thermal cycling equipments | 29 September, 2004

Hi all,

Our department need to setup a reliability lab. And some equipments are need to purchase.

At the first stage, thermal cycling test are going to be imported. If anyone of you have this kind of experience, please don't hesitate to SHARE me how to evaluate this kind of equipment, including environmental box, data collection & processor. Things will be good if anyone can provide me the information on how to define a cycle(the maximal temperature & its idle time, the lowest temperature & its idle time, the rising slope & the falling slope). Thanks a lot !!

Looking forward to your answer.

Best Regards


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Thermal cycling equipments | 29 September, 2004

FengAng, I'm involved in similar activities on telecom products and we use as reference: MIL-STD-883E, JESD22, IEC-749. We have 2 climatic chamber to arrange a wide range of test, depending on customer use and/or specs. Based on that experience, we passed to our CEMs the specs to follow for new production baking. Now, with the large introduction of BGAs, I'm looking to find the right Activation Energy value for BGAs soldering, to be used in Arrhenius model in order to design a thermal cycle useful to highlight bad BGAs soldering. So, if my experience could be helpful for you, please contact me.

Best Regards, Peppe

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