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BTU Paragon oven


BTU Paragon oven | 30 September, 2004

We just received a new BTU Paragon oven here but it's not working because it's seam to have missing files.

Is somebody here can send me a copy of the Wincon version 2.00F so I will be able to reload it.

Thanks for your time

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BTU Paragon oven | 1 October, 2004

Hi Marcel

I bought four BTU ovens a couple of years ago at auction and had the same problem where two of the ovens had software and two did not. I loaded in the software I had onto the two ovens and this only partially worked as the software is configured for each oven. I contacted the local BTU sales office (UK in my case) and gave them the serial number of the oven and they contacted the US. To cut a long story short it will cost you around �75.00 for a copy of your software from BTU and it will be configured for your oven. Also tell them if you want it on floppy or CD. If you have any problems with your regional office contact the US direct as I have found them excellent to deal with. Hope this helps.

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BTU Paragon oven | 5 October, 2004

BTU software is proprietary and does not intended for sharing. You have to buy it directly to BTU as it is individually configured to your machine.

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